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A trusted community for collectors, by collectors.



Immerse Yourself in

a Collector's Community 

Discover the Barosa difference: a collector's community curated for you. Connect with fellow collectors, showcase your pieces, all while enjoying full privacy controls. 


Discover and Learn

Barosa is your trusted resource for collectors. Discover unique pieces from our community and expand your knowledge guided by industry experts and our passionate community.


Experience Trust in Every Transaction

Trust is at the heart of every transaction. Our platform offers buyers & sellers a secure and seamless transaction experience, backed by robust safeguards, ensuring peace of mind for every collector. 


Sign Up

Simple easy registration to verify identity.


Build, View and Share Collections

Discover interesting pieces and share your own.


Connect with Collectors

Find and build relationships with other collectors.


Buy, Sell and Trade

Make an offer to complete transactions securely.

Eric Wind Image

Eric Wind

Founder of Wind Vintage

"Barosa has the opportunity to help collectors build a real community for sharing their knowledge, passion, and collections. I am excited that Wind Vintage will be one of the first resellers to participate in the platform. When people ask about what in the world of watches and tech is getting me most excited, I tell them, "Barosa baby!"

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